2017 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special Motorcycle Review

by admin, October 2, 2016

This is a near-the-top long distance cruiser example from Harley Davidson featuring their new 107 Milwaukee Eight engine design.  It’s big new trick is finally having 4 valves per cylinder, giving quieter, smoother operation while increasing efficiency and power output by a claimed 10%.  In operation, it feels like it has every bit of it’s on-paper 111 lbs/ft. of torque from idle to just north of 3k where it starts to taper off to the low 5.5k redline.  Overall it’s a welcome change for the company, improving on a solid engine lineup in all areas.  The stock sound is great, with an exciting note above 2,000 rpm but staying near silent just putting down the road.  Overall comfort is excellent with a near perfect geometry for long distance cruising.  A wide, cupped and supportive seat, sit up and beg position with perfect grip and control layouts.  Quite a bit of wind deflection which may or may not be a plus, depending on your needs.  The infotainment system works very well and is easily readable in all conditions.  The basic gauges are easily read as well although with a full helmet they are just out of sight.  The suspension is all about soaking up bumps, with a plush springy front end, lots of nose dive and the lean angle is minimal.  If you are in the cruiser market this might be the sweet spot for a Harley Davidson.  Note, the main differences between the Road Glide and this Road Glide Special is a 2″ larger infotainment display and standard security.  It’s over $2600 difference in cost, so it’s certainly a huge premium for a little bit of electronics.

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