Helite Airbag Vest – Int’l Motorcyle Show, Long Beach, CA 2016

by admin, November 21, 2016

Demoed the Helite Airbag Turtle Vest at the IMS Long Beach 2016. Certainly, very impressive moto safety apparel! Following CO2 activation in 80 ms (via tether to the bike), unable to move my neck laterally or back and high compression on core body and pelvic area. I was concerned about accidental activation, yet it seems unlikely and requiring 60 lbs pressure to initiate the airbag vest. Deflation occurs in 1-2 minutes; lightweight and unobtrusive, and worn over moto jacket.

Certainly a very pricey alternative, 3 of us purchased the Helite Airbag vest and consider this added insurance for those freak occurrences that can happen while on the road. As well, upon review of other similar airbag apparel, the Helite seems to provide the best product / value …. hopefully, never a real test on the road!

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