How I Polish & Wax A Motorcycle For Best Shine Easily

by admin, December 26, 2016

How I Polish & Wax A Motorcycle For Best Shine Easily – This is what I use to hand or machine polish and wax my motorcycles for the best shine and protection possible, easily. I find hand waxing faster overall for a motorcycle since there are so many tiny sections a random orbital polisher can’t reach anyway. The brands I use simply work best for me, there are of course thousands of other combos that give just as good results but I stick with what I know works here. The key is the motorcycle must be clean and dry and NEVER do any of this in the sun, period. The polish step isn’t as necessary as the wax but does ad a real nice depth to any paint and only takes an extra few minutes of work, plus the wax goes on easier with it and you are more guaranteed a clean surface.

You can buy the products I used below:
Glass Cleaner
Quick Detailer 1
Quick Detailer 2

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