How To Backup Your Files YouTube And Facebook

by admin, February 9, 2017

How To Backup Your Files YouTube And Facebook – I have always encouraged and coached others to have proper backups of ALL important files over the years.  It’s not just the professional user that needs to do it either!  It can be as simple as picking up a USB drive to save a copy of everything important.  You can use many different tools, not even needing to spend money on them!  You can also backup your complete Facebook and Google accounts, including all your original videos that you have uploaded.  Not many seem to be aware of all this so here’s my handy tips vid!  Below are some links to further deals, tools and instructions that I recommend.

USB Drive:

Small 1TB External Hard Drive:

Large 8TB External Storage Drive:

Acronis Backup Software:

Microsoft SyncToy Backup Software (FREE):

Backup Facebook (FREE):

Backup Google Including YouTube (FREE):

Windows Image Backup Instructions:

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