RAM Mount Level Cup XL **NEW**

by admin, March 13, 2017

If you’ve been following me for awhile you may have noticed or heard me talk about the Ram Mounts Level Cup that’s usually mounted on my handlebars among other various Ram Mounts such as the X Grip or a GoPro mount and you may have heard me mention that my only real complaint about the Level Cup is that when trying to use it with a coffee mug it gets pretty tipsy because coffee mugs are top heavy.  Well the fine folks at Ram Mounts have heard my cries….(maybe not my cries personally)  Introducing the Level Cup XL, this new model in their epic and ever growing line up of extremely useful mounts solves that problem, this thing is made for tumblers and coffee mugs and is fully adjustable so your still able to use with bottles, cans and smaller cups and mugs. In this video we’ll take closer look at the Level Cup XL and compare it to the original and if the weather ever starts cooperating we’ll get some real world use while riding and I’ll give you an Update on my thoughts after some time using it!


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