How To Buy A Motorcycle And New Bike Reveal

by admin, May 3, 2017

My new motorcycle reveal vid turned in to a big tips and tricks list so hey, lets roll with it!  Here’s the new bike and the whole buying experience from shopping to bringing it home!  Rule #1 CASH OR PRE-APPROVED CREDIT IS KING.  Without these, you are NOT the boss of the sale and you WILL spend far more than you need to.  If at ALL possible, do not finance a motorcycle or any toys.  Pretend you have a payment and save it yourself for a couple years, you will save MANY thousands of dollars.  Rule #2 Do your research and be as informed a buyer as you can.  Don’t trust what the sales people tell you, they are there to make money, it’s just business.  Rule #3 Be prepared to walk away.  Don’t buy with emotion.  Sleep on it if you need to.  Go with your gut on any deal!

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