Alternative FZ09 MT 09 Tailtidy Free

by admin, May 9, 2017

Alternative FZ09 MT 09 Tailtidy Free – If you are like me and don’t like the out of the box rear fendder/plate holder for the 2017 FZ09/MT09, fear not!  We have a ton of options to change it!  Yamaha has two alternative parts, one being a smaller unit that omits the fender and uses a smaller LED light.  You have to order that internationally if you are in the US.  Or there is an available plate relocation kit that omits the whole assembly, moving the plate under the tail like most other bikes.  Or there are a plethora of aftermarket kits for both options as well.  Unfortunately every option is $50-$200.  I made it good enough for my eye for free, by removing the big ugly side reflector bar!  Give it a shot and see if it works well enough for you before spending big bucks!

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