2017 FZ09 MT09 Full Exhaust ECU Flash Dyno Tune Results

by admin, May 25, 2017

2017 FZ09 MT09 Full Exhaust ECU Flash Dyno Tune Results – The final core piece to the 2017 FZ09 Project, getting it on the dyno, flashed, tuned and final setup decided on.  For 2017 everything has changed with the ECU.  The old problems have been solved, and it really is THAT GOOD stock now.  With a full open exhaust the flash gave just under 2HP gain over the whole rev range, and ever so slightly smoothed out the throttle response at the mid point, but most will never even notice it was there.  Most other options and features are no longer needed or available with the flash.  It was still a really cool experience and now I know!  The Yoshimura R77 baffle in gives a 8HP gain, baffle out another 3 and the flash another 2, with no reflash needed between in or out.  The ECU now has a HUGE range of ‘correct’ for maximum power.  I settled on flashed, baffle in for maximum enjoyment and a +10 gain.  If you want to eliminate the pops you now need to install AIS blockoff plates, it’s no longer a flash option.  I love them 🙂

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