2017 FZ09 MT09 Yamaha Fog Light Kit How To Install And Test Results

by admin, June 13, 2017

Here’s how to install the optional factory auxiliary fog light kit for the 2017+ FZ09/MT09.  This is a complete plug and play kit with a waterproof bar switch, built in relay and connector for the factory harness.  It’s not cheap but as of the time of the video, is the only fully matching system to go with the bike.  If performance AND looks AND bulletproof install is important to you, the price will be the only gotcha at around $500 for both the light kit and mounting bar needed.  Install is very easy at around 30 minutes including aiming.  The results won me over!  You will need these two part numbers:



I chose to order them from https://yamabits.co.uk/ but please google for your best deal including shipping and other charges.  If you are in the US you will have to order from outside the country.  Thanks Yamaha.

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