Best Motorcycle GPS Navigation App Comparison

by admin, July 4, 2017

Best Motorcycle GPS Navigation App Comparison – What’s the best motorcycle GPS navigation app for around town and custom trip routes?  Let’s find out!  With my personal criteria set, I took a look at many of the popular and prominent GPS apps on the market.  Most are both for iOS and Android and most are free.  After traveling many thousands of miles on trips and using apps in many different ways, I knew what my ideal combo would be.  Offline maps, easy and comprehensive general navigation, custom route importing WITH navigation and low cost.  Many of you will have a different set of needs, so I have detailed most of these apps to show you what their strengths and weaknesses are.  You may find a new favorite or a new combo to use.

Here’s a timeline you can use to jump to what you want:
Google Maps 5:11 7:41
Sygic 8:46
CoPilot 11:00
Mapquest 13:01
Apple Maps 14:08
GPS Nav 15:00
Navmii USA 19:00
VZ Navigator 20:45
Rever 21:29
HERE wego 23:23
Scenic 25:33
Inroute 30:30
Round 31:39
Rider 32:29
Indian/Victory 33:30
Pocket Earth 35:28
Waze 41:52
Scout 44:05
Magic Earth 44:40
Nave Rider 47:40
On-Road test of Scenic 49:12

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