Big SENA Quality Test 20s SMH10 GP10 Phone Pairing

by admin, August 1, 2017

Big SENA Quality Test 20s SMH10 GP10 Phone Pairing – Do you have low volume, popping, crackling or just a poor connection between your SENA intercoms?  Or maybe less than great quality while you are trying to record to your GoPro using the GP10? This is part 1 of testing my SENA gear to better understand what needs too be done and set for maximum quality.  Here I test what changes between a known good and the latest firmware while exploring pairings of the 20s and SMH10 plug the GP10 and a phone.  SENA has at least 4 tiers of audio quality in a connection and they aren’t clear exactly what makes things drop down a notch.  I wanted to test what adding not only another intercom in to the loop does but the GP10 and my phone, which I always have connected.  There were certainly some surprises as well.  Coming up is range testing!

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