SENA 20s Distance Range Testing

by admin, August 4, 2017

SENA 20s Distance Range Testing – Having no clear answer from SENA as what the distance rating is between two 20s units, I set out to find out for myself.  My theory, based on real world testing and the sort-of answers from SENA when asked, is that the 1.6 miles they claim for the product is NOT between two units, but rather in a daisy chain of 8 riders end to end.  In this test, under ideal conditions with no interference, no terrain, buildings or other obstructions between the 20s units, both at the latest 1.7.5 firmware with both antennas up – the best distance was 0.7 miles and it went considerably down from there depending on options.  Older generation units are also far less of course – they have no external antenna.

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