How To Hang A Guardian Bell On Your Motorcycle

by admin, August 14, 2017

In this video I’ll show you the best way to hang a Guardian Bell from your motorcycle. I just received a Guardian Bell..Guardian Bell, Gremlin Bell, Ride Bell? I never know what to call these things. Anyways I just received one, the first one I’ve had for the RGU and I’m gonna install it in this video. I’ve used zip ties in the past but you risk the chance of them breaking and you wouldn’t want lose your bell, especially since your not supposed to just go buy a new one for yourself, which means you could be waiting years until a friend gives you one again, after all I’ve been riding my Road Glide Ultra since November 2015 and this is the first one I’ve received. using the Guardian Bell Hanger greatly reduces the risk of your bell getting lost or torn off.

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