TWO Hurricane Irma Update Tampa Area

by admin, September 8, 2017

TWO Hurricane Irma Update Tampa Area – So the bottom line is none of the models from a few days ago have panned out, and the storm is so far tracking far more west with each update.  At this point it doesn’t get much worse for the Tampa area, the best we can hope for now is it continuing to go further west rather than right over us.  No matter what, we have about 24 hours before the severe wind and rain starts, and it won’t pass for a good 48 hours.  The storm is so big all of FL and part of Georgia will be covered at the same time at one point.  It doesn’t matter what coast it goes up or if it comes right through the middle – we are all getting hit.  We are not in a flood zone and aren’t worried about storm surge, but now the wind is a huge concern.  Hopefully the worst that happens is a week or two without power, that’s really the best case scenario for most of the state at this point.

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