Motorcycle Tip for Riding Longer Distance

by admin, September 17, 2017

Do you get tired and sore when you ride your motorcycle for a long distance? I am not taking about an Iron Butt. I am talking about your ride of 25-350 miles. If you are fairly new to riding a motorcycle, you MUST build up to riding a longer distance. You must build up endurance and stamina for your trip. YES…you can add a custom seat to help with that, BUT you must first condition your mind and body for riding 6-8 hours on your Bike.It is like anything else. When you decide to to exercise, you do NOT start out doing Crossfit. When you decide to take up Running, you Do NOT start out with a 5K or 1/2 Marathon… you must work up to it! this video breaks it down on how to work into riding a longer distance without feeling totally beat up at the end of the ride. Thanks for watching.!

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