Complete Fork Rebuild Upgrade Guide FZ09 MT09 2017+

by admin, October 30, 2017

This is a comprehensive how-to guide for upgrading your forks with a complete revalve kit, installing new springs and oil and everything else via a kit from with a test and results at the end.  It is very in-depth covering everything from the first bolt to the last.  If you want to just use it for form removal and installation to take the kit to your dealer or suspension shop, that’s also an option.  Listed below are the parts I used and suggested tools if you need them.  Stoltec gives a more comprehensive suggested tool list with the kit instructions as well.  Each kit is custom made to your specifications but the install and setup is exactly as you see here.  Stoltec suggests this is a 90 minute job however that is a shop spec, if someone brings you the forks and kit.  For the average first time DIYer I would suggest blocking out 4 hours including part cool down times. If you decide to upgrade, tell them I sent you – I get nothing from it!

Stoltec 2017+ FZ09 Upgrade kit:
Traxxion Tool Kit:
Race Tech Suspension Bible Book:
Race Tech single person spring compressor:
Basic rear stand:
Basic headstock lift:
Basic front + rear combo:
Intermediate Triple Tree Stand combo:
Pit Bull Rear Stand:
Pit Bull Front Stand:
Soft Vice Jaws:
Motion Pro Cartridge Holder (Need to make 22mm deepwell socket extension):

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