FZ09 MT09 Shock Removal And Installation Guide

by admin, November 15, 2017

FZ09 MT09 Shock Removal And Installation Guide – This is a comprehensive fz09 mt09 shock install removal and upgrade guide.  I’ll show you how to remove your shock assembly, install a new one from Penske (I used the double clicker) and talk about why a shop like Stoltec is a great option to buy from.  I do highly suggest you order or fabricate a better mount than what Penske gives you however, unless you don’t care. Stoltec suggests measuring rider sag using the Race Tech method, I do it as Dave Moss shows.  Either way in my opinion gets you there for street use, they are very very close.  Just be sure however you measure, you do the front and rear the same way.  You can get a great deal on your suspension parts at StoltecMoto.com – tell um TWO sent ya (I don’t get anything)!

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