HarleyTrek 92: HarleyScrape?!

by admin, November 15, 2017

My apologies for the extended absence, but an update will be uploaded soon. Enjoy this installment from the Hootenanny 2017 Archive where, after many days riding challenging roads at more than a brisk clip, I achieve a new level of union with my faithful steed, Cash. As always, much love to my biker brothers, Maikeli& and Moose3971, who were my partners in this tomfoolery. PiP provided by Moose.

Warning: There is language! Not extensive, but it is there. Of the three of us, I wasn’t wearing proper protective gear. I’m fully aware of the risk, and I need not be taken to the wood shed over it. Comment as you will, but I will be exercising my delete wand at my discretion.

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