Best FZ09 MT09 Mods List

by admin, December 3, 2017

Here is a rundown and my thoughts on all the mods I did to complete my 2017 Yamaha FZ09 project!  I’m VERY happy with the result, it’s now truly a very different bike than rolled out of the factory, for not a whole lot of money or effort.  I did the following:

Front Cowl:
Fog Light Kit: Yamaha Part BS2854A30000
Fog Light Bracket: Yamaha Part BS2854A50000
Radiator Guard:
LED Signals NEED 2 SETS: YME-W0789-00-00
LED Flasher Relay:
Gilles Tooling Brake Lever: Yamaha Part 1RC-H39A0-V0-00
Gilles Tooling Clutch Lever: Yamaha Part 1RC-H39B0-V0-00
Rizoma Reverse Retro Mirror NEED 2: Part BS070B
Rizoma Bar adapters NEED 2 Part LP300B
Rizoma Universal Bar Ends Pair: Part MA534B
Yoshimura R77 Full Exhaust WORKS Finish:
USB Port & Pigtail Kit:
RAM Mount:
Short RAM Arm:
Rubber Footpegs:
Yamaha Comfort Seat: Part BS2F47C0V000
Quickshifter Part BS2E81A0V000 Full Suspension & Brake Relocate Kit ECU Flash & Dyno Tune
Nelson-Rigg 2015 Magnetic Tank Bag:
Nelson-Rigg Sport Tail Bag:

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