Honda Goldwing Tour The Rattler NC209

by admin, December 11, 2017

Honda GoldWing Tour Trip Winter 2017 Day 2. This is my Winter Trip in 2017 on the Honda Goldwing To North Carolina. Continuing on Day 2 picks up from Trust General Store & Cafe I then meet up with a fellow GoldWing rider who will take me on a journey on some less traveled back roads. I continue with a Fellow GoldWing Rider on Highway NC209, The Rattler. Filledwith great curves and twisties Follow me along on this journey of 5 days of traveling. This video is about 10 minutes long. be sure and check out Day & Day 2 videos. Stick with me on this journey. you can check out some of these roads on Check me out on . Please hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE if you like what you see. Thank you for riding along!

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