Critical Service Manual Error 2017 Yamaha FZ09

by admin, January 3, 2018

Critical Service Manual Error 2017 Yamaha FZ09 – If you ordered a 2017 Yamaha FZ09 Service Manual in the US, you may have received a complete misprint.  They created a huge batch of the old manual in the wrong cover.  The incorrect version says 2014-2017 FZ09 and is a silver bike going over a bridge at night on the cover with part number LIT-11616-27-39.  The CORRECT version is a white bike cornering, says only 2017 and is part number LIT-11616-30-58.  If you bought through a Yamaha dealer they can look it up and swap it free of charge.  Yamaha never bothered to notify anyone of this error.

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