She said YES! | Las Vegas | Cross Country Motorcycle Trip Day 10

by admin, January 15, 2018

On the 10th day of our Cross Country Motorcycle Trip we took the day off. That’s right we took a vacation from our vacation and left the KTM 1290 Super Adventure parked in the garage all day. I got in a decent workout followed by flying my drone around a bit. Later in the morning, Kristen and I got engaged before heading to the pool to play on the water slide that goes through the shark tank. We spent the afternoon checking out Fremont Street and meeting Johnny Jimenez, the owner of the Toy Shack and of Pawn Stars fame. After dinner at Gorilla Sushi we took in the Neon Museum before heading back to the Golden Nugget to rest up for another day of riding. Recorded 8/28/17

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