Yamaha FJR1300 ABS Manual Flush How To

by admin, April 3, 2018

When doing a brake system flush or fluid change on any motorcycle with ABS it’s important to also get all the old dirty fluid out of the ABS module.  Just doing a normal brake fluid flush doesn’t touch the little pockets of fluid trapped in the system.  You can either do it the old fashioned way by buttoning everything back up mid-job and slamming on the brakes out on the road to actuate the system, or do it through the computer via this procedure.  The special tool is nothing more than a single wire jumper that you can make any way you like.  They stopped selling the tool to US consumers many years ago to try and force you to see the dealer.  Jump the top two pins if the tab is at the top of the harness. If anyone wants the tool the part number is 90890-03149

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