VLOG- Why No Lane Splitting In Texas? | Finding The Right Diet Plan/ Lifestyle

by admin, May 23, 2018

In this vlog, I pose the question– “Why doesn’t Texas allow lane splitting?”. After some research, I found that there have been several attempts to get a law passed that would allow bikers to lane split in certain instances. Unbeknownst to many including myself, as of September 1, 2017, Senate Bill No. 288 makes it legal for a motorcyclist to split lanes on limited access highways at a speed not to exceed 5 miles per hour greater than traffic that is moving at 20mph or less. Basically, you can’t exceed 25mph while between lanes. I also talk about the most popular fad diets including the ketogenic diet aka “keto”, the whole foods plant based diet, and “IIFYM” aka If It Fits Your Macros. Edit: The bill didn’t pass afterall.

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