How To Check FJR1300 Valve Clearance Gen III

by admin, May 26, 2018

How To Check FJR1300 Valve Clearance Gen III – This is a complete How To Guide for checking the valve clearance on a GEN III 20013 and up Yamaha FJR1300 engine. Previous gens are very similar but have many different details. I suggest you watch the video all the way through before doing the job so you have a good understanding of what it entails. At a dealer this will run $500 to $1000. Expect it to take 4 hours taking your time.

You need the following new gaskets/o-rings for the job (about $25):
(1) Valve Cover o_ring P/N 1MC-11193-00-00
(1) Oil Pump Cover Gasket P/N 5JW-15456-11-00
(2) Coolant Pipe O-ring P/N 93210-18417-00

To skip right to the procedures: 6:41

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