by admin, June 5, 2018

In my 2018 Honda Gold Wing DCT review, I give my first impressions of the new Honda Gold Wing DCT. This was only my second time riding a “clutchless” motorcycle and using a paddle shifter, the first time being on a Spyder test ride. I spent some time playing around with the manual shifting capability, as well as the ride modes. As you can imagine, econ and rain modes were my least favorite, where as tour mode was the default and my favorite. Sport mode is fun too once you get used to the throttle response! The DCT automatic shifting was as smooth as butter, making for a more comfortable ride. Your pillion will appreciate that. The handlebar and seat position were perfect for my size at 6’2” frame, with a 32-inch inseam and long arms. The reduced weight of the bike was also noticeable in corners and at low speeds, albeit this wasn’t the Gold Wing Tour version that compares to my 2006 GL1800. All in all a great bike. Great job Honda!

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