How to Plan and Organize Motorcycle Trips

by admin, August 1, 2018

Here’s how to plan motorcycle trips. Well, at least one of the bajillion ways you can. After announcing the Blue Ridge Parkway trip for September, I wanted to share how we here at Moto Travel USA go about planning and organizing motorcycle trips. Hopefully you get some ideas that you can integrate into your planning and it helps you enjoy your travel that much more. This process is always evolving and it has gotten to this point after making tons of mistakes over the years on other trips. To be totally frank, this was a tough video to make. I thought it would be easy to share how to plan a motorcycle trip, but it wasn’t. Spreadsheets aren’t the first thing you think of when you think of motorcycles, nor the 7025 thing you think about. So, the other videos were a great cure for insomnia, but not for sharing information. I cut it down considerably and give a quick overview of the process in this version. No matter how dry this might be, it’s super exciting when you sit down and start dreaming of your next big trip. What are some ways that you plan your trips? I would be interested to hear in the comments. Now, plan away and Let’s Go Explore!

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