The Power Of Reality – Dean Rostohar Texas Seminar

by admin, September 4, 2018

A vlog with footage from The Power Of Reality Warrior Arts Seminar with Shihan Dean Rostohar who is a citizen of Croatia. We spent three days training in the Warrior Arts of the Bujinkan, with Dean teaching principles through different modern weapons, specifically against knife and gun. Several members of law enforcement, military, and private security firms were present for the event, as well as members of the Bujinkan from all over the world. It was my great privilege and honor to meet Dean, learn from him, share knowledge, and assist him as Range Safety Officer. A very special thank you to Mr. Dean Rostohar, my brother Rae Mann, Teddy & Rocia Collins, and everyone who helped to organize and make this event possible. Thank you to my viewers for watching and subscribing to my channel!

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