Honda GoldWing Rear Tire Removal EASY

by admin, January 29, 2019

Honda Goldwing Rear Tire Removal the Easy Way. This is a How to video of How to remove the rear tire from a Honda Goldwing GL1800 Rear Tire for years 2001-2017, also know as Generation 1 & Generation 2. all my tools were purchased at Harbor Freight for probably less than $20 with coupons. If I can do it, anyone can do it, as i am not much of a GearHead or Mechanic when it comes to working on motorcycles. Remove 5 Lugnuts and reinstall. Tools needed would be a: 1.Breaker Bar 2. 19MM socket 3. Torque Wrench 3. Anti-Seize Lubricant 4. Motorcycle Jack/Lift. we rate this on the Beer Scale as a 2 Beer Job. Thank you for watching and do not forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to the Video and this Channel. As always thank you for watching. I hope this helps those who may have been afraid to try this easy maintenance on your Honda GoldWing GL1800.

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