Sena 30k Dual Pack Unboxing

by admin, February 3, 2019

Sena 30k Dual Pack Unboxing | let’s get into the contents of this box, as the name suggests this kit comes with 2 of the 30k bluetooth headsets from Sena. Sena is the leader in bluetooth communication, I have been using their headsets for several years everything from the sph10h, the gp10 bluetooth pack for GoPro and the 20s dual pack and 20s evo to their more recent bluetooth integrated helmets, the calvary and the momentum lite. The 30k is their newest technology featuring mesh connectivity making connecting a breeze once the devices have been paired. In the near future I’ll have more videos for the Sena 30k bluetooth headsets including how to update the sena 30k, how to pair sena 30k, how to install sena 30k, etc.

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