Soundz Customz Iron 65 | 90 MPH Audio Sample

by admin, May 17, 2019

Soundz Customz Iron 65 | 90 MPH Audio Sample I have 2 more videos for this series: A 20/30 MPH audio Sample and a 55/65 MPH audio sample. This is the 70/90 MPH audio sample. for all samples the audio is recorded through the microphone inside my motovlogging helmet. The Soundz Customz audio system has been very impressive in my opinion and if your into having music on your motorcycle this is a prime choice and one of the best upgrades you can make. Please keep in mind that this equipment sounds way better, more clear and much louder in person than what I was able to capture through my motovlog setup.. you have to hear it in person to truly appreciate the Soundz Audio equipment. I am running the Soundz Customz Iron 65 front and rear speakers and the ss4.100 amp.

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