Motorcycle Insta360 ONE X Review | IT’S A MUST BUY

by admin, August 20, 2019

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This is by far the coolest camera I have ever used on my bikes.  The quality kicks the snot out of the 360 GoPro, it’s dead simple to use, the software is very fast and fluid – although still basic.  There is a Premiere CC Plugin for some features as well though, for those that have it.  The video I give 9 out of 10 – barely any pixelation, excellent use of bandwidth, very good color, excellent dynamic range.  Head and shoulders better than any other spherical single camera solution, and very inexpensive for such a thing.  The accessories are better quality than anything else on the market, a combination of aluminum, stainless steel and thick ABS plastic components. It’s only flaw is atrocious audio.  But, you must consider it’s really only meant to capture video, in fair weather.  You are meant to do your own sound tracking later on.  For it’s intended purpose, big thumbs up!

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