Honda Goldwing Heated Seat Booster| Electrical Connection

by admin, October 22, 2019

Honda GoldWing Heated Seat Booster with Electrical Connection Heated Seat Amplifier. If you want to increase the heat on on your Honda Goldwing Seat, Consider installing the electrical Connection Heated Seat Amplifier. Simple To install..maybe 15 minutes at the most and at a cost of $44.95, well worth it for those cold rides on the Honda GoldWing. I found it seems to boost the heat quicker when starting up the bike. Note, the heat will NOT exceed the allowed temperature of the Honda ECM. Please check out the website for this product. Click HERE:… to order and Mention “MemphisMike sent you. I think you will be very pleased with this product if you ride on cold days on your Honda GoldWing.

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