by admin, February 11, 2020

BEST AUDIO SETUP FOR MOTOVLOGGING! In this Video, I discuss my Audio Setup for Motovlogging. I currently use The GoPro Hero 7 BLACK & The GoPro Hero Session 5 for motovlogging. I added the Tascam DR-05X Digital Audio Recorder along with the PowerDewise Lav Microphone. The Microphone and Digital Recorder will run you a little over $110 in addition to your action camera of choice for your setup. I simply thought $50 was WAY too much for the GoPro Microphone Adaptor and for a few more Dollars, I could have this setup. The Tascam DDR-05X also with serve as a Digital Microphone Interface , giving you the option to plug you microphone in the Recorder and Straight into your computer for recording as well.

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