Harley Davidson Spring Maintenance | Pre-Season Riding Checklist

by admin, March 14, 2020

Here is my Harley Davidson Spring Maintenance Pre-Season Checklist. If your motorcycle has been in storage for any length of time for instance over the winter like is the case here in Minnesota then there are a few super basic things that you should inspect before your next ride no matter how far it is. Remember…Things can go wrong anytime so don’t think that just because your only going for a quick scoot around the block everything will be fine.. you need to stay safe out there, following this basic checklist will go a long ways in keeping you and your motorcycle on the road for years to come. Spring Maintenance Checklist: Tabs/Tags/Registration Current Proof Of Insurance Leaks Oil & Trans Level Other Fluid Levels (if applicable) All Controls,Buttons,Switches, Etc. Lights and Horn Front and Rear Brakes Clutch,Shifter,Throttle and Brake Levers Steering Tire Pressure/Condition Belt Or Chain Update Nav/Infotainment (if applicable)

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