Walt Disney World is CLOSED | Motorcycle Ride Through Walt Disney World Back Areas While it’s CLOSED

by admin, March 16, 2020

Walt Disney World is Closed and Universal Orlando is Closed too! This video was recorded the first day of closing on March 16, 2020 and some of it on March 15. 2020 to show the difference. Ride along as I take a look at what the area looks like when Walt Disney World is Closed. I also take a look at what it looks like when Universal Orlando is Closed. In addition to checking out what it looks and feels like, I also give a tour of backstage areas of Walt Disney World. You can also see where to buy your next $20,000,000 home or buy your multi-million dollar home ON Walt Disney World property. Plus, see where Tiger Woods and Shaq use to live! Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando have closed until the end of March 2020. Make sure to visit Orlando when this all is over, Many peoples livelihoods are dependent on tourism in Orlando. THANKS FOR WATCHING! Now Let’s Go Explore!

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