BMW F850GS Review From Real Owner After 10,000 Miles

by admin, September 10, 2020

Here’s My BMW F850GS Review after 10,000 miles on this adventure motorcycle. Before I bought this bike I researched other motorcycles like crazy. So, if you’re looking at the Yamaha Tenere 700, The KTM 790 Adventure. The Honda Africa Twin, the BMW 1250GS, or other adventure motorcycles, than this F850GS review will help you see how this motorcycle is. I’ve split the review up into 4 sections: BMW F850GS Build Quality On Road Riding with the BMW F850GS Off Road Riding with the BMW F850GS Overall Opinion of the F850GS I’ve taken this bike all over the place since I purchased it. I’ve taken it on 2000+ miles touring, Forest Roads, Sandy trails, Muddy trails, on the Tail of the Dragon, up the Blue Ridge Parkway, and all over Florida. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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